The Saara and Björn Wahlroos foundation was established in 2002 to support and encourage research and debate on financial and social issues. Based on its endowment, it provides grants and other means of support to scholars, researchers, journalists and others engaged in public debate or scholarly work on pertinent social and economic issues. It also receives charitable contributions in support of its work and is registered as a charitable institution under Finnish law.
The Saara and Björn Wahlroos Foundation provides

  • Grants in support of professional education for young journalists with an interest in financial markets and political economy
  • Support for research into the operations and regulation of financial markets
  • Internships at editorial offices of leading newspapers for ambitious and professionally dedicated young financial journalists
  • Grants to support research and scholarly work in preparation for public and political debate, particularly the study of market based solutions to economic problems
  • Support for scholarly study of anglo-saxon culture and its interaction and role in the development of financial markets.
The Board of Trustees of the Foundation consists of five persons
  • Björn Wahlroos (chairman), President and CEO of Sampo plc.
  • Berndt Brunow (vice-chairman), President and CEO of Fazer Ltd.
  • Tom Berglund, Professor of Economics, Swedish School of Economics
  • Peter Berner, Chairman, Berner Ltd., and
  • Saara Wahlroos.
Inquiries and requests for more information on dates and eligibility can be directed to the Foundation Secretary, Ms. Charlotta Olkinuora: